Lots of changes and news are coming for Gieffe Videogames !

After 40 long years, in which the Gieffe Videogames has founded the roots in its historical headquarter in Casavatore (NA), living a constant and exponential growth, the property has decided to move the headquarter totally in a new location located in via Atellana, Arzano (NA). The new site is only a few kilometers away from the one that has always been the landmark for partners, clients, sector operators, employees and friends with whom have been created strong relationships over the years. We can say a radical change has occurred on structural point: it is a facility of 3500mq with a modern design in which the color black is predominant and gives the rooms an elegant and professional look. 

As soon as you enter the building it’s impossible not to see the green touch of the entire vertical walls made by leaves and moss that stands out and leads upstairs. The same decoration but even brighter surrounds the huge neon logo Gieffe placed in the middle wall of the showroom. The aim is to transmit a positive feeling gave by the colors, but in particular by the communication chosen spread in the areas. What is special is the “Monday Motivation” surely: a whole hall on which are posted pictures with motivational phrases and artists who have written the history. Two large showrooms placed on two parallel floors, allow the visitors to see and try the wide range of the latest generation entertainment equipment. An area of 1500mq where qualified technicians design and produce the better idea for a device, with the right look and above all with the perfect dose of fun, guaranteeing quality and respecting the timing for deliveries to the large number of customers scattered throughout Italy and beyond…

The company has brought with it many many new features and a new location; advanced technologies, more and more exciting games that embrace players of all ages. One of them is the Sky Ride, a full-feeling VR experience which breaks through the dimensional wall ! Highly immersive and engaging experience thank to the new somatosensory technology, it allow to perceive the main sensorial effects that follow each other during the game play. Heat, rain, cold, flight, feeling of emptiness, impact and smells, are the effects that return the sensation of WOW to all who experience it!

Ar Sniper a cooperative game with 4 stations, a sniper rifles and a integrated monitor inside the viewfinder through which it can be ingested with the gameplay. The X-Spy Vr and Super Armor, the evolution of the devices already known as Vr Agent and Vr Starship but with the new design and new game contents. A new location could not but be supported by a new website, with super eye-catching graphics, clear structure with detailed descriptions of products and services offered by the Gieffe Videogames team.


Marco Casalvieri, general manager Gieffe Videogames: “ Transfer to a new location is a project that has been firm in business belly for long years, – he declared – but with the worsening pandemic situation has been accelerated, bringing the birth of a ground-sky building, owned and newly built, with all the features necessary to optimize business processes and the performances. Work environments designed to foster socialization processes and sense of belonging to the business community.

An important investment for the company to guarantee productive efficiency thanks to a excellent organizational and operational asset, optimizing the costs at the same time and guaranteeing a positive working climate useful for achieving the fixed objectives, the involvement and motivation of the workforce. The positive energy of the team is very important for us.

The new headquarter was inaugurated from the property and from the team, therefore already operational with the advent of 2023, but waiting for an official party celebration with friends, clients and partners, inviting everyone to contact the office for participation.