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Entertainment is our history !

Since 1980 Gieffe Videogames is considered the most innovative, productive and advanced italian company in the out-of-home entertainment.

Our core business is the design, manufacture and distribution of entertainment devices. 

The format we propose is considered a must-have for all location based entertainment !


Every day we try to achieve the goal of making happy and satisfied our clientele, always through the innovation’s way. The constant research of new instruments allows us for keeping up with the latest technology, offering our clients new motivations, getting better and more exciting their performances every time.


Our biggest passion is to entertain people of every age. Thanks to the wide age target we can involve adults, young and children, players passioned or not, garanteeing always more immersive and overwhelming gaming adventures.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow

Currently the company enjoys the benefit of more than 30 resources, with specialized technicians and qualified experts that work symbiotically to create the most innovative and advanced entertainment devices. 

Gieffe Videogames  strenght has built its strong on an intensive values network

including the team work, a very deep knowhow of the technology and productive processes, the tradition comes from the long route of our family in the sector and the innovation that offer cutting-edge products to our clients. 

All of this has allowed the constant company growth and its evolution to achieve uncommon goal for a more demanding public.

Always looking forward !

The business Know-How is put at the service of a huge products catalog which ranges from gambling, amusement to the revolutionary virtual reality devices.

Gieffe Videogames is since ever a company that focus on the progress and the upgrade, the reason why our CEO Marco Casalvieri decided few years ago to invest on this new technology. 

The Virtual Reality has become a gaming protagonist, has revolutionized a whole market and we wanted to be part! 

Gieffe Virtual Reality devices are divided on our creations, such as the innovative racing simulator MACS 2 and great sector brand like the revolutionary omnidirectional platform Virtuix Omni.

How everything started

Our strong roots are born between the end of 70s and the beginning of 80s, where Arcade’s coin-op video games were in the golden age for their popularity. 

Umberto Casalvieri, the Gieffe Videogames’s brand founder, was the italian pioneer for the importations of electronic games boards in Italy from USA, Japan and Corea. 

“Scramble”, “Defender”, “Galaga” are some of the first most famous games, as well as have been imported some games’s machine dedicated from the most relevant international companies.

This effective entry into the sector has meant that Gieffe Videogames is positioned among the leading companies in the entertainment market, in Italy and beyond.

Choose Gieffe Videogames means start a journey in the entertainment world in name of prefessionalism, tradition, innovation and uniqueness that bring the customers back and still choose our products!